Droplets and Oceans

What is humanity? What is our contribution? We are are droplets in the sea of humanity. It is our gift as humans to align with our highest selves and choose to come together.

Courage and Communication

I have had several difficult conversations in the last few weeks – upward, downward, and peer-to-peer. What makes a conversation difficult? To me, it’s when I should deliver or receive a message and I’m not sure how the other party will respond. At the most basic, there is an element of fear present. Will I... Continue Reading →

The Protests and The First Amendment

I’m tired of talking about uneducated. Let’s talk about over-educated and under-informed. Those of us who went to college, know a lot of stuff, and yet remain largely uninformed on the key issues that shape our culture and thus government. Today my thoughts are on the First Amendment, which states “Congress shall make no law... Continue Reading →

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