Faith and Belief

It’s 4AM on January 20 in Australia and that means Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration Day is technically here. My vantage point will be from over 10,000 miles away in Tasmania. I am curious to see the international news coverage and perspective on the event. I wonder what will happen next. I am thinking about my friends who will join the Women’s March on January 21. I am thinking about Faith and Belief.

My spiritual and yoga teachings yield that Faith is Belief + Action. To have faith, we must act on what we believe and our actions must be consistent with our beliefs. To see my friends in action, marching in D.C., Austin, and Houston – gives me faith and hope. Faith in the power of a government “for the people and by the people” and hope that our country will emerge stronger, united, and elevated.

I’m an eternal optimist AND I am pragmatic and realistic. I know we have A LOT of action ahead as we secure our beliefs and the Women’s March is an important step in communicating with the Trump Administration.

The Women’s March is the largest political action I’ve experienced as a Gen Xer and the level of local involvement is unprecedented for my generation. I am grateful to have two friends who will be guest-blogging their experiences for us and what this action means for them. I will be with them in spirit and steadfast in my commitment to be in action. It’s the action of ordinary Americans that drives my faith in knowing we will take charge of our destiny and not simply be at the mercy of elected officials.

How are you acting on your beliefs? How do you create your faith? #whyimarch

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